Test Vol Team's 30K Challenge

30K Challenge

We’ve joined the 30K Challenge to raise funds to help grant wishes for seriously ill kids across Australia.   

Our team is getting active this November to give sicks kids hope, joy and inspiration through the power of a wish. Right now, there are more than 800 children waiting for their wish to come true.  

Together we can make a lasting impact and help them discover anything is possible. 

Thank you. 

We're taking on the Ride For Wishes because...

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We added a blog post

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Halfway there

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We did it!

Thank you to our Sponsors


Alexander Windsor

Good Luck from Optimus Developments.


Ewen Mcpherson

Enjoy the walk for the kids


Lorenzo Marasco

Great to see the effort you’re putting in.


Amelia Horne

Great work Fi


Peter Smith

Great stuff Ms Windsor!


Daniella D'souza




Amanda Lauchlan


Rick Edwards

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