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2024 Ride for Wishes (Virtual)

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My target 20 kms

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I’m cycling for Make-A-Wish from the 1 – 31 March to raise funds to help grant wishes for seriously ill kids across Australia. 

I'd love your support. Please donate to my page, together we can make a lasting impact and help provide hope, joy and inspiration when kids need it most. 

Thank you.

We have done it!

We have finished 20km ride but will keep doing our usual rides to see how far we can get by end of Mar. 
We have also raised an amazing $500+! Thank you for your donation! 
Tyler has also just upgraded to a bigger bike so he's happy (and Lachy very recently got on the pedal bike all by himself so he's also happy) 😊 

Halfway! 07/03/2024

We're halfway through our Kms! Woohoo!

Thank you! 29/02/2024

We're so grateful for all the generous donations (big and small) - thank you! And donation can still be made past the goal for those who are still keen to donate. 
Tyler did another 1.4km ride to school with mummy today and Lachy did his 0.65km ride to daycare with daddy. 
When I told Tyler about the 20km ride, he wanted to do 50km! I don't think that's a realistic number for the timeframe but we'll see what happens after 20km! 

Tyler's first ride for this challenge 28/02/2024

5.5yo Tyler rode his bike to school today - first ride for this challenge.  We started the challenge just a bit earlier because we're unable to do the challenge towards the end of March. 
1.4km slow gradient downhill to school - and another 1.4km returning from school uphill gradient with elevation 13m.
We tend to take the car on pick up after school because of the uphill gradient ride all the way home because this is Tyler's first year/term at school. Will slowly work our way up to riding everyday to/fro during the year.

Lachy test ride to daycare 26/02/2024

3.5yo Lachy would choose to ride his bike every time over the car to go to daycare. He has recently been upgraded from his old 10" balance bike to his big brother's 12" balance bike so he's keen to ride.
Today we tested the distance 0.65km each way so 1.3km return. Going to daycare is a bit of downhill and then mostly uphill. But coming home is a fun downhill ride with a bit of uphill towards the end. Elevation - 8m.

Challenge accepted!

Both Tyler and Lachy love their bike. Tyler rides to school and Lachy rides to daycare. They have joined Ride For Wishes to raise funds to help grant wishes for seriously ill kids across Australia, with a modest goal of $300. 

Our team (Tyler and Lachy) is cycling 20km between now and mid March to give sick kids hope, joy and inspiration through the power of a wish. Right now, there are more than 900 children waiting for their wish to come true.  

Together we can make a lasting impact and help them discover anything is possible. 

Thank you. 

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Adam Absolon


Andrew & Rebecca Chappell

Well done boys!


Willow Hall

Go Tyler and Lachy!! From Willow and ‘other’ Lachie


Steve And Julie

Go Tyler and Lachy!


Nan And Pop

Go go go! Excellent work



Cycle well Tyler and Lachy!


Maddie O'loughlin

Well done Tyler and Lacey! From Maddie


Evan Torres

Go guys!


Katie Day

Go Tyler & Lachey


Fay, Jack, Marty And Edie

We’ll done Lachy and Tyler! Marty was confused when we were leaving daycare this afternoon “why is Tyler’s bike here? He is at school!”


Alexey Borshch

Support from Archie in Prep 😊


Kara Brotherton

Well done Tyler and Lachy, a beautiful selfless contribution


Daisy Tuttle


Larissa Brown

Great work team!


Reya And Ryan Barakat

Great job TyChy !


Popo And Gong Gong

Great work all the best from popo and gong gong.



Great work, keep riding!

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