Your fundraising is vital

Wishes are designed to complement medical treatment, working to calm, distract and empower sick kids when they need it most. Every dollar helps create more wishes, which is why your support is so important.

Share the stats below when asking others to support your fundraising.

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900+ wish kids

on a Wish Journey - more than ever before

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30% increase

in the number of children needing our support since COVID-19

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Thousands more

children are diagnosed with a critical illness each year

World Wish Day

On 29 April 1980, the very first wish was granted. It inspired the global wish-granting movement we know and love today.

Make-A-Wish is now in over 50 countries and has granted over 520,000 wishes across the world.

Here in Australia, thanks to our amazing community of supporters, over 10,000 wishes have been granted since 1985 – well worth celebrating!

So every 29 April, we get together with our inspirational Wish Force community – in Australia and around the world – to celebrate the
remarkable, uplifting impact wishes have for everyone involved. 

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