Why we need you

Life without coffee is tough...
but together we can help
sick kids feel tougher

Wishes are life-changing for kids with critical illnesses.

We work in partnership with sick kids, their families and medical teams to deliver unforgettable wish experiences.

Wishes to complement a child’s medical treatment.

They've got the power to calm, distract and inspire at the time a kid needs it most. Our vision is to grant the wish of every eligible child.

Wishes are powered by coffee challengers.

That's you! As a trusted children’s charity, we rely on awesome fundraisers to make wishes happen.

Archie: I wish to be the Australian Cricket Captain

When our volunteers first met 6-year-old Archie from South Australia he told them his wish was to be God. When he realised that might be a bit tricky, he decided that really his ultimate wish was to be the next best thing to God - the Captain of the Australian Cricket Team!

Archie and his family visited Melbourne in December 2018 to join the Australian Cricket Team at the Boxing Day test against India – Go Archie!

Abigail: I wish to see a unicorn

Abigail is 6 and has been battling cystic fibrosis for as long as she can remember.

As she’s been getting older, Abigail has started asking why she’s the only one at school who has to take medication, do physio and go to appointments.

But then, Abigail found out she was going on a wish journey.

We created a magical time at Unicornland for Abigail and her sister Isabella. They enjoyed a glittery tea party, played games with fairies, and got to ride a rainbow unicorn called Sugar!

Kael: I wish to meet my favourite superheroes.

Kael needed ongoing superhero strength for his fight with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Wishes have an impact from the moment kids like Kael start imagining what their wish might be. Knowing his wish was going to come true has been a weapon for Kael, getting him through his treatment and giving him the strength to keep battling through the tough days.