Help Aroha grant more wishes for other sick kids

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A million pumpkins, one community.
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Aroha is a selfless 13-year-old who is using her wish to help others.

She wants every kid like her to have their wish granted too.

But she needs your help.

By sending digital pumpkins to someone kind, you’ll not only be directly making Aroha’s Million Pumpkin Wish come true, you’ll be recognising someone special for all they do.

Aroha is using her wish in an extra special way

Aroha is 13 years old and helping others has always been her top priority.

When going through her first round of chemotherapy, she took it upon herself to sew & fill Christmas stockings for all the other kids on the ward.

She was just 6 years old.

7 years later, she’s using her one Wish to, again, make a grand gesture of generosity.

Her goal: To help kids like her get their wishes granted, too.

Aroha's wish has 3 parts

1. A spooky Halloween carnival 

For her friends and family with rides, performers, games & more

2. To user her carnical to raise money

So Make-A-Wish can grant more wishes for kids like her.

3. To have one million [digital] pumpkins at her carnival

That's where you come in!

Thought about fundraising at Halloween?

Spook your school

Boo-st your school spirit by coming together to raise funds this October

Learn More

Host a frightening fundraiser

Round up your work, neighbourhood or besties and host a spook-tacular event

Learn More

Tap & treat

Sign up your Haunted House to raise funds for Aroha's Million Pumpkin Wish  
Learn More

Our amazing wish force is creating her carnival… but for the rest of her wish we really need your help.

All you need to do is gift pumpkins to someone you appreciate.

By sending digital pumpkins to someone kind,
you’ll not only be directly making Aroha’s Wish come true, you’ll be recognising that someone for all they do.

Your gift will get Aroha closer to her 1 million pumpkin target, help more kids get their Wishes granted, and show appreciation for the generous people, like Aroha, in your own life.

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