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Freyja's Tote Bag & Keyring


Everything you need for your next shopping trip - and SAVE $2.50! 

This silver shopping trolley keyring is stylish and practical. Just slot in a $1 coin and you'll always be able use a trolley at the supermarket. Along with your environmentally friendly tote bag, you'll be ready to hit the shops sustainably. 

Gifting to a friend? You'll also receive a postcard featuring Freyja's story to write your personal message on. 

  • Cotton bag

Meet Freyja

Seven-year-old Freyja is a tenacious girl who is fighting clear cell sarcoma, a very rare form of cancer.

Her wish to see wild dugongs and dolphins came true in 2018. But Freyja's wish ran much deeper than seeing these beautiful animals. Freyja wants to help rid the ocean of plastic.

Her passion for the environment and reducing plastic is inspiring. Even while on her wish, Freyja and her family walked the beaches picking up rubbish - she really is one driven young lady!