Elizabeth Melih

Bake A Wish

I’m hosting a Bake A Wish fundraiser to make wishes come true for really sick kids!

Help me make a life-changing difference

If you know me you know I love to bake and what better reason to bake than to help sick kids, right?

So here's the deal, if you live close enough for delivery of baked goods, make a donation of:

$10-$20 and get a dozen cookies of your chosen flavour

$21-$50 and get a dozen cupcakes or sweet or savoury muffins or scones of your chosen flavour

>$50 and get a dozen each of sweet and savoury cupcakes or muffins or scones of your chosen flavour.

For those who don't live close enough for delivery or who donate <$10 you get the warm fuzzies from donating to sick kids, and theirs and my eternal gratitude!

Thank you to my Sponsors


Alannah Hughes

Love this idea! Thanks for giving us a yummy incentive to donate


John Nikolas

Congratulations on reaching your goal Elizabeth


Adrian Mow

No need for any cupcakes, muffins or scones unless you want to have a Team morning tea.


Megan Yong

Great work Elizabeth!


Winnie The_pooh

Thank you for doing this.


Chelsea Souter

Love it, thank you Elizabeth.


Jing He

Hi Elizabeth, thank you for doing this! :-)




Michael Oneill

Congratulations Elizabeth


Jeremy Hirschhorn

You're a baking legend!


Bill Debear

Bill says he can’t wait to see your cupcakes online so he can lick the screen (not in a creepy way 😳🤪🤣)


Elizabeth Melih

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