The Gift of Love

By @creationsoflovebydemi

Thank you for visiting my Make-A-Wish® Australia fundraising page.

Can you help me bring more inspirational wishes to life for hundreds of seriously ill children across Australia?

Your support to Make-A-Wish will make a world of difference to hundreds of Australian kids with critical illnesses. From the simple to the seemingly impossible, wishes complement medical treatment, working to calm, distract and empower sick children when they need it most. When a wish is realised, a child discovers that despite their situation, anything is possible.

With every donation, we are one step closer to granting a wish for every eligible child in Australia. Together we are giving sick kids hope, joy and inspiration through the power of a wish – thank you for your support!

All donations $2 or over are tax deductible.

My Achievements

Thank you to my Sponsors


Judy Perri



You are amazing Demi- such a beautiful soul with the most beautiful creations! Thank you for being you and supporting this and supporting this amazing cause x


Abby Whitworth

Thank you for taking the time to make a difference to such an amazing cause. Xx



Love your work as always + you have a beautiful heart ❤️ (@summerbayadventures)


Paridhi Tuli

Thank you for doing this for such a great cause. I am grateful to be able to support you in this.


Lisa Y


Ciprian Popescu


Maria Spagnuolo

Great job Demi. Beautiful heart and beautiful soul. Your work is incredible xx ❤️



What an art but what a heart!!!


Rupi K

What an amazing and selfless initiative by yourself. Wishing you loads of love, blessings and abundance x


Lorraine Angelopoulos


Michelle Carter

Thanks for so generously supporting such a wonderful cause. Your artwork truly resonates with me, there’s just this beautiful sense of calm and peacefulness. I love your work, truly stunning!


Anna Campbell

Demi, you gorgeous human!! Thank you for everything that you are and do beautiful soul ❤️💜💖🌈🌸. Your work has resonated deeply since day dot and your kindness and generosity now expanding to some of our most vulnerable - I truly cannot love this enough!! Heartfelt love and appreciation gorgeous girl xoxoxx


Jennifer Mclean


Terrie Archer


Julie Nichols

Love your work Beautiful ❤️


Katherine Rose


Birsen Mehmet

I am taken away with every piece of art you share. Absolutely love what you do and to support an amazing cause with it is beautiful.


Amanda Sidnell





Such a fabulous cause Demi, which is very close to my heart. Thank you for doing this giveaway and raising money for Make a Wish ❤️




Elsa Spagnuolo

Demi every piece you create is absolutely inspiring, so full of love You are truly such an amazing inspiring human. I hope you reach your target. These precious sick children truly deserve to be granted a wish..🙏💝


Sarah Jamie

I’m so obsessed with every piece you create Demi and so great that your are supporting such an amazing cause


Kate Maltam

Such a great cause, good luck on reaching your target!



Love your work Demi!

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