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2024 Ride for Wishes (Virtual)

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I’m cycling for Make-A-Wish from the 1 – 31 March to raise funds to help grant wishes for seriously ill kids across Australia. 

I'd love your support. Please donate to my page, together we can make a lasting impact and help provide hope, joy and inspiration when kids need it most. 

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Hope is the silent whisper that tells us tomorrow holds promise, even amidst life's greatest challenges. It's the force that fuels resilience, encouraging us to look beyond current struggles and believe in a brighter future. By nurturing hope through positivity, gratitude, and community support, we find the strength to overcome adversity. It propels us to take action, chase dreams, and advocate for change, serving as a beacon of light guiding us toward a more hopeful horizon.

I'm taking on Ride For Wishes because...

I’ve joined Ride For Wishes to raise funds to help grant wishes for seriously ill kids across Australia.   

Our team is cycling from 1-31 March to give sicks kids hope, joy and inspiration through the power of a wish. Right now, there are more than 900 children waiting for their wish to come true.  

Together we can make a lasting impact and help them discover anything is possible. 

Thank you. 

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