Have fun, get moving and grant
the wonder of a wish to a critically ill child.

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Can I do the 30K Challenge in a group?

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Yes, we encourage group participation, invite your friends, family, colleagues, anyone you like! You can sign up as a team so that your individual fundraising tallies will all be combined.

You can do your 30K together or on your own, whatever works for you!

When do I have to do my 30K?

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It’s up to you! You can do 1K a day or you can do your total 30K on one day. You can complete your 30KM at any point this year.

How can I do my 30K?

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This is your chance to get imaginative and choose your favourite way to do 30K! You can do it on a bike, a scooter, a skateboard, in the pool, on a kayak, on a horse, on foot or in a wheelchair. Any way you like.

Where will my money go?

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Every dollar you raise will help Make-A-Wish Australia create wishes for sick kids in need of the joy and hope a wish can bring. There are currently more than 900 children waiting for their wish in Australia.

Can volunteer branches take part?

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Yes, we love our vollies and encourage you to take part with your branch. Check out Community for posts on our 30K Challenge Volunteer Branch competition or get in touch if you’d like to find out more: vf@makeawish.org.au

When you register, simply sign up as a team and name your team’s 30K Challenge.

Can I do this as a workplace?

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Yes! The 30K Challenge is a great team bonding activity.

Get your colleagues together and get active. You could even turn some of your meetings in November into 'walking meetings' to get your K's up.

We'll share some special resources to help you hit your fundraising targets at work. 

Sign up as a team when you register. That means each person taking part can get their very own fundraising page to track their Ks and fundraising total. You'll also be able to see how much has been achieved collectively.

How can I hit my fundraising target? 

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Our best advice is to share your page on social media, via SMS and in emails. We'll provide lots of content to help make sharing as easy as possible.

Check out the fundraising toolkit to see what's available.

Our top tip is to let people know why you're doing the challenge and why you want to help make wishes come true for sick kids.

How can I find out more about Make-A-Wish Australia?

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Visit the Make-A-Wish Australia website. Or get in touch at fundraising@makeawish.org.au

If you're hosting a 30K Challenge event, please follow any COVID-19 rules and restrictions that apply in your area and follow COVID Safe Practices.